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This site is dedicated to the husbandry and breeding of Green Tree Pythons

Feel free to browse through the site to look at my collection as well as this years projects and availability.


15/3 2015:

I brought back a new female from Hamm - an '06 biak


25/10 2014:
Breeding season has begun. The breeding pairs will be up on the 'projects' page soon.

9/10 2014:
The first babies have been sold and picked up. 3 more are available and ready to leave their home.

10/5 2014:
Hatchlings from the HW aru x aru pairing can now be reserved. 

8/3 2014:
Eggs from the HW aru pairing is in the incubator. Hatch date is estimated to be around April 28th. 

1/12 2013:
This years breeding season has begun.

13/10 2013:
Brought this little girl with me home from Snakeday.